Perhaps you should or perhaps not.  Over the years, I have met precious few people who were truly happy with their careers.  Many feel under appreciated, overworked, underpaid and stuck.  I have seen highly compensation, and highly skilled professionals downsized without notice or regard to their contribution to the organization or years of service.  We all know people who fit this description.  Maybe you are unemployed and unable to find work.  This website is designed for individuals who have transferable skills either from one company to another, or from their current company to their own.  We are not high on buying a franchise due to the upfront costs and ongoing royalties that are risk-free to the franchisor and 100% borne by the franchisee.

Within these pages you will find:

  1.   A gut check test to see if you have what it takes to be self-employed
  2.  The legal requirements to starting a business with or without employees
  3.   How to choose the correct and most appropriate entity (sole proprietor, corporation, s-corporation, LLC)
  4.   How to file with the secretary of state where you live, obtain a tax I.D. number, open bank accounts
  5.   Raise capital
  6.  Write a business plan
  7. Create a usable website
  8. Choosing a name
  9. Developing your brand and corporate identity
  10. Employment contracts

And much much more.